Network Monitoring

Safety threats to your family aren’t just physical anymore — they are also online. Protect your family and assets by knowing who and what are connected to your network.

Keep your home network safe and sound with Smartopia Monitoring.

Think of our home network monitoring packages as a security system that you would put in your home — but this one is for your technology. We’ll help you understand and optimize real-time network performance, performance history and key network device connectivity.

More importantly, Smartopia Monitoring arms you with the ability to know if an uninvited network device/intruder ends up on your home network. It allows you to take proactive measures to remove those unwanted network devices/intruders — quickly and easily. Significant damage can be done to your personal and financial well-being if an unwanted intruder accesses your network.

Home Network security is anything but child’s play.

Today’s children are smarter than most parents with technology. In order to level the playing field, parents need to equip themselves with the tools necessary to protect children from potential threats all over the world. Take your power back with Home Network Control and Monitoring capabilities from Smartopia.

Our packages give you one-click access to eliminate unwanted guests on your network.

Choose the package that best fits your specific needs — contact us today to make sure you and your family are protected.