The Need for Reliable and Fast Connectivity is Essential...Trust Me!

Welcome back…our next topic is Network (WIFI) Creation and Security. The first part is a story about how the need for reliable and fast connectivity is essential – especially for parents.

A properly installed network is the key component for running your connected life. Slow speeds, WIFI dead zones and lost connectivity can be the bane of one’s existence. Trust me.

A perfect example of this came last week when I visited a friend’s home. As previously mentioned, I am a father to a sweet baby girl. My wife and I often find ourselves watching You Tube and singing along to Baby Shark, Baby Beluga and/or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...on repeat. These songs come in handy when she needs to be calmed down and/or when she wants to sit back, relax and enjoy some tunes.   

As it relates to the former, any parent understands…having immediate access to a trusted song or activity that will calm a child down is essential. When no option is available, it is not good for anyone. Trust me.

My friend lives in a remote area that gets poor cell reception and all streaming needs to be done via his network. His network was not properly installed and because of this, he had multiple dead zones and weak WIFI connection throughout his house.

This made it impossible to stream my daughter’s songs when she needed them most during our visit. Instead of being able to stream content and dance along to Baby Shark, my daughter was subjected to my signing (exclusively). No one wants that. Trust me.   

Prior to my visit his network was a perfect candidate for a Smartopia makeover. Now, we have agreed that a revamp of his network is needed, especially because he has a child of his own coming. He quickly realized that the need for reliable connectivity is essential – especially for a parent with a baby on the way.      

All the above could have been avoided with proper network installation. Sometimes basic equipment is not enough and additional hardware capabilities are needed to make things run efficiently. In other situations, networks are not installed properly.

This situation is not unique to those of with toddlers – it touches all of us. From parents who have children that need to get their homework done to adults that work at home, the need for reliable and fast connectivity is essential. Trust Me. Smartopia is here to help anyone who may be facing similar issues and address any concerns that you have.

If you are interested in understanding how your existing network could be optimized or considering getting a new one created, please feel free to contact us directly at or 847.847.2111.        

Thank you for reading– be on the lookout for the next installment in this series!

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