Secure Your Network

As previously discussed, a properly installed network is pivotal. It allows you to run your connected life and ensure device connectivity. When most of us think of a properly installed network, we think of fast speeds, broad WIFI coverage and constant connectivity.

However, what is equally important and often overlooked is securing your network from outside threats. There are several important steps to secure your network that are often neglected at setup. Using default settings given to you by your provider is not good enough (e.g. admin as both user name and password). However, many people do not ever change those default settings and leave themselves open to outside threats. Our team of experts understands the important steps that are needed to create a secure network.

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital – long gone are the days of doing all your banking with paper statements or paying your credit card statements via a check. In fact, most “hard copies” are a thing of the past – everything is online and a significant majority of our population now leverages the technology at their fingertips to streamline these everyday tasks.

These technological advances are great for streamlining our lives and making us more efficient; however, having this information “out there” makes people targets. A secure network serves as a strong defense for protecting yourselves against those outside threats.

Our goal is to ensure all those concerned with network security are either educated about it or work with us to create a personalized and properly installed network. We want to help you protect yourself from those outside threats.

If you are interested in creating a more secure network or want to understand the steps to create one, please feel free to contact us directly at or 847.847.2111.           


The Smartopia Team

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