Network Monitoring: This is My Network, I Have to Defend It

The most important role I have in this life is being a husband (to a loving, caring and beautiful wife) and a father (to our sweet baby girl). Like all husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, and all loving people, my primary goal is to keep the two most important people in my life safe.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, the threats we face are both physical and digital.

One of the things that excites me about Smartopia is that we provide our customers with the ability to take proactive measures to protect their digital security. We accomplish this through our network monitoring packages.

Think of our network monitoring packages as a security system/alarm that you would put in your house. However, this one is for your technology. Smartopia monitoring arms you with the ability to understand if an uninvited network device/intruder penetrates your network and allows you to take immediate action to remove them (among other benefits).

One of my favorite traditions is watching Home Alone during the Christmas season. A quote from Kevin, the main character, has always resonated with me: “This is my house. I have to defend it.” It speaks to the above – wanting to protect and keep loved ones safe.

Most people reading this have probably seen the movie; but, if you have not, the context is that Kevin, a young man, was inadvertently left behind by his parents and realizes that it is up to him to protect his house from two robbers. Throughout the movie, he takes proactive measures to protect his family’s house and (spoiler alert) he successfully does.

That movie was written in 1990, well before all the technology we enjoy today. Flash forward 27 years and it is equally feasible that the two same robbers may have foregone breaking into the home; but rather, they may have attempted to penetrate the family’s network to steal financial and key personal data. What’s more alarming is that that could have happened from anywhere in the world.

If that were the case and Kevin’s family had Smartopia monitoring, he could quickly block the robbers if they accessed the network. All of this could be done while sitting in his arm chair, playing on his tablet and stating, “This is my network. I have to defend it.” What a concept!

While the examples above are from a movie, we live in the real world and face these types of threats daily. If you are interested in taking proactive measures to protect your digital safety, please feel free to contact us directly at or 847.847.2111.

Thank you for reading.


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