Additional Benefits of Smartopia Network Monitoring

Previously, we discussed the importance of Network Monitoring and how it can prevent your family from potential threats. However, there are additional benefits that we provide our clients with Smartopia Monitoring Packages. A Smartopia Network Monitoring package also helps you understand and optimize real-time network performance, performance history and ensure key network device connectivity. 

Each of us, in our own unique way, is bombarded with reports, dashboards and performance metrics. Children get them at school by way of report cards and adults get them at work via annual reviews or analyzing business performance. However, we are often left clueless and in the dark about the most important tools that keep our lives running: our network and technology. That changes with Smartopia monitoring.

A Smartopia Monitoring package also provides you with key data points including:

  1. Current Internet Speeds (Download and Upload)
  2. Historical Internet Speeds (Download and Upload)
  3. Key Device Connectivity (e.g. Smart Home Devices, Children’s iPads)

And, these data points are available within one centralized location (app based) from anywhere in the world. Or, based upon the package you select from Smartopia, we will monitor these things for you (informing you when key issues arise and having potential solutions ready.) Having this type of data will help you isolate key issues if performance becomes a problem (especially when working with your ISP) or a device (e.g. a network switch) is causing broader system issues.

A perfect real life example of how Smartopia Monitoring has real life benefits and applications happened to me a few months back. Historically, my network had run at optimal speeds and the smart technology I have in my home ran efficiently. That said, one random day, everything came to a screeching halt.

Smartopia has extended partnerships with providers. During this predicament, we were able to contact a dedicated resource at my ISP (without going through all the prompts to finally speak to a human) and we confirmed that the provider was not having issues near my home.

Instead, something had gone wrong within my system. From there, my teammate and I diagnosed the issue. After an hour of work, we identified a key piece of hardware malfunctioned and after a quick call to the manufacturer, we ordered a new device. Within a few days, all was well again and everything has been running smoothly since then. 
The story above is not unique to me – we all face into times where technology fails or our providers are having issues. It’s frustrating. It’s complicated. And, it’s annoying. All those feelings intensify when we do not have the information to help us diagnose the problem. 

Smartopia Monitoring changes that for you. With all key data points at your fingertips and/or a dedicated Smartopia resource monitoring this for you (teaser for the next blog post) our clients can rest assured that we will partner with them to ensure that connectivity does not become an issue.

Ready to experience the benefits of network monitoring or have further questions? If so, please feel free to contact us directly at or 847.847.2111.

Thank you for reading this blog – up next is: Network (WIFI) Creation and Security, Part 1. Check back often or follow us on social media to know when its ready.


The Smartopia Team 

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